Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Animal Meme

I've seen this one floating around for the past few days, and now Bruce has tagged me with it . . .

An interesting animal I had

Back when I was in primary school, my sister and I found a bullant, kept it in a jar and fed it sugar.

Well, it died.

An interesting animal I ate

Since coming to Japan I've eaten eel and octopus--I know that sounds pretty mundane but they're not easy foods to come by in Australia. I've also eaten chicken hearts and meat from the head of a bluefin tuna--though that isn't nearly as hardcore as the Japanese teacher who sat nearby me and ate the eye.

An interesting thing I did with or to an animal

Can't think of anything for this one. As kids we would sometimes race snails--but we've all done that.

An interesting animal at the museum

I've seen blue whale skeletons twice--once at the Western Australian Museum, and once in a museum in Eden, NSW.

An interesting animal in its natural habitat

I was twelve years old and riding bikes with my cousin when I came across a paralysed huntsman spider being dragged along by a spider wasp. Said wasp was none too pleased with me when I pushed my front wheel onto her prey; we shat ourselves and hightailed it out of there.

Oh, yeah: I tag Clay, Hourann, and Lucy.