Friday, March 23, 2007

Teh "Christian compassion"* strikes again

A month ago I blogged about a teacher who had come under fire from her principal, after she allowed to run in the school newspaper an editorial written by one of her students calling for tolerance towards gays.

Said teacher has now been suspended.

Don't you love it? A teacher proselytises in his history classroom, in blatant violation of the US constitution: his school board rallies to his defence, and he gets a slap on the wrist. Another teacher mandates tolerance towards homosexuals, in violation of no law or constitutional principle that I can think of, and she gets raked over the coals and thrown to the wolves. (I mean: it's not as if she was wearing a "Bong Hits For Jesus" t-shirt or anything.)

Ed Brayton "smells a lawsuit coming," and I hope he's right. Look at what happened in Dover, Pennsylvania, for instance. Given that the decentralised nature of the US education system makes it so vulnerable to the influence of the medieval brand of Christianity, the judicial branch seems to be one of the only things keeping America clinging so precariously to the sunny side of the Enlightenment. (Until, of course, the medievalists seize control of the judicial branch, too.)

*As defined by Malott on a couple of comment threads here.