Sunday, June 25, 2006

Enjoy the weekend . . . (cinquain only edition)

This is an open thread with a difference. Every comment you submit must be in the form of a cinquain. I really must insist upon this rule; and if you find your comment has been edited/removed, it's most likely to be because you haven't observed the rule.

Cinquains come in two varieties. The more traditional variety is known as a word cinquain, and generally follows this pattern:
First line: one word (the subject of the cinquain)
Second line: two words (a description of the subject)
Third line: three words (action describing the subject)
Fourth line: four words (the poet's feelings about the subject)
Fifth line: one word (a synonym for the subject)


More difficult
than it seems.
(Unfortunately, no other comment

The other variety is an American version of the haiku, and is known as a syllable cinquain:
First line: 2 syllables
Second line: 4 syllables
Third line: 6 syllables
Fourth line: 8 syllables
Fifth line: 2 syllables



These be
Three silent things:
The falling snow... the hour
Before the dawn... the mouth of one
Just dead.

--Adelaide Crapsy

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not: cinquains and
cinquains only. Here are
some variations you might wish
to try