Monday, November 05, 2007

The Wonderful World of Magical Thinking XXXI

The week in fundie:

(Digitalfreethought's Atheism 101 Part 1 of 6)

  1. Roman Catholic Archbishop George Pell argues (in an article that is just begging to be fisked) that "Christianity is vital to democracy's future" (Sydney Morning Herald). Elsewhere, he whines:
    Democracy does not need to be secular. The secularist reading of religious freedom places Christians (at least) in the position of a barely tolerated minority (even when they are the majority) whose rights must always yield to the secular agenda, although I don’t think other religious minorities will be treated the same way.
  2. Ben Jacobsen, candidate for Family First--which is calling for the banning of internet pornography in Australia--has admitted to having downloaded porn in the past. (But he never inhaled.) (The Australian)
  3. Opus Dei: the "other" Exclusive Brethren. A former member has released a book in which she reveals the misogynistic and cultish nature of this Vatican-endorsed Roman Catholic sect, and tells of one conference at which a senior member declared women to be the equals of dogs. (Let's call said senior member the "other" Sheik Hilaly.) Opus Dei, incidentally, won preselection for the Federal seat of Mitchell earlier this year. (Telegraph)
  4. Another death-knell for secular democracy in the United States: triumphalist fundies rally across the country as Washington Governor Chris Gregoire proclaims it "Christian Heritage Week."
  5. A Christian military boot camp for troubled teens is being investigated for homicide after the 2004 death of a student who had spent no more than two weeks at the facility. It is alleged that the boy was "punished for being too weak to exercise," and "forced to wear a 20-pound sandbag around his neck." When the student "vomited, defecated and urinated on himself" for several days after an oozing bump was discovered on his arm on the second day of his training, he was merely accused of being rebellious. Allowing a boy to die in his own shit, piss and vomit. It's what Jesus would do. (via
  6. Hollywood continues to persecute that most oppressed and hard-done-by of religious minorities: Christians. Oh, woe. (via Effect Measure)

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