Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Can Has Jeebus

The Holy Bible: New LOLcat Translation, via Friendly Atheist. (See over the fold for comments by the site's creator.)


I’m the owner of the Lolcat Bible Translation website. Thought I’d share a bit about why I did it.

Essentially, the idea of the wiki was merely a whim of mine when I saw a picture floating around with a page of Genesis translated into the LOLCat pidgin. I thought it would be prudent to undertake the entire work.

The most common reaction so far is “Wow, that is awesome!” The most negative is “What a waste of time.”

I am here to confirm that I do indeed have far too much time on my hands. I am also here to confirm that it is probably blasphemous, but being pretty atheist I’m not too worried about the “Ceiling Cat” striking me down anytime soon.

I would not be surprised if this is more accurate than some “normal” translations out there. Also, I hate to break it to many people, but lolcat is not exactly how kids talk online. In fact, it takes effort to write in lolcat. it’s not very easy at all.

Most of all, I just find it funny. Let’s face it, the Bible is quite dreary, violent, and insane. I imagine we are softening it up, if anything. Sex becomes “PENIS GOES Z WHEAR?” and violence becomes “stealin mah cheezburgerz.” I’d recommend this version over the current KJV or NIV for your children.

On a slightly more serious note… I think the willingness to laugh at what is in the Bible, even in a different form, may show just how silly the whole book is. People died for this book. When you find it in this form one can’t help but wonder, “They died… for this?” I think the time has come to poke a little fun at things. Shake up the system so to speak.

On a quick final note, I saw a Christian forum linking to my site and talking about how “blasphemous” it is. Needless to say, I think they missed the point entirely.

Anyways, sorry to be so loquacious, just thought I’d share my thoughts.