Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Wonderful World of Magical Thinking XVI

The week in fundie:

  1. First up, I'm hoping this shill for geocentrism is just taking the piss, because if he isn't, he may well be the dumbererest person on the Interwebs. Dumberer even than Idiot Pete. Bag-of-hammers-for-brains dumb. Look-ma-I-can-Interweb-all-by-my-selfs dumb.
  2. Pope Benedict: American Indians had "silently longed" to become Christians prior to Columbus' arrival. (Via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)
  3. It's like Smith meeting Wesson: Fred Phelps & co. plan to picket Jerry Falwell's funeral.
  4. Not smart: Republican Presidential candidate Sam Brownback's campaign denies the Holocaust and declares Galileo and Einstein to be "vile Wiccans and that anyone who believes the universe does not revolve around the Earth is a 'Witch Doctor.'"
  5. Poland hosts the World Congress of Families, a homophobic hate-in hosted by skinhead leader and Education Minister Roman Giertych, and bringing together fundies from across the nations to discuss "ways to counteract what has been called the 'demographics winter.'" (Translation: if the Muzzies don't outbreed us, the gays will.) Delegates maintained that the demographic crisis was being exacerbated by evil women attending university and postponing having children until it is too late. (Bartholomew's Notes on Religion)