Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Wonderful Weekend of Magical Thinking (Blog Against Theocracy)

Well, it's Easter, and the time has come to Blog Against Theocracy. And contrary to expectations, I've been a little remiss: the rules are that participants blog on something in support of church-state separation on each day of the Easter weekend--the 6th, 7th and 8th--and I, well, plum forgot to do so yesterday. (Damn you, Scrubs!) Still, we soldier on . . .

*UK schools drop the Holocaust and the Crusades from history lessons for fear of offending Muslim students. (HT: SB)

*Meanwhile, many schools in the US eschew reality-based sex education for fear of offending Christians.

*Pope Benedict declares: "Hell exists and there is eternal punishment for those who sin and do not repent." The Pope proceeded to defend his assertion with solid evidence of Hell's existence, at which point Satan was heard to remark to one of his henchmen: "Did it just get cold in here?"

*Florida teacher suspended and facing jail after not fitting in with the fundie teachers and administrators at her school. (via

*Patrick Henry College defines a good science education thusly: "PHC in particular expects its biology faculty to provide a full exposition of the claims of the theory of Darwinian evolution, intelligent design, and other major theories while, in the end, teach creation as both biblically true and as the best fit to observed data." Patrick Henry is a feeder school into the Bush White House. (Pharyngula)