Saturday, April 28, 2007

Five Public Opinions is banned in China

China: free market good;
political freedom bad:
Bush USA?

Sorry--a commenter named Uspace who blogs in Senryu and Tanka inspired me to blog in haiku about the fact that Five Public Opinions is banned in China.

Milton Friedman once said that "the free market is the only mechanism that has ever been discovered for achieving participatory democracy." Milton Friedman was wrong, as the free-market-loving yet participatory-democracy-hating China demonstrates.

Anyway, you can test whether your own site is blocked at Great Firewall of China.

Oh, yeah--the point of my haiku? China's combination of capitalism and authoritarianism makes it seem (ironically) very right-wing--in a Bush/Howard conservative kind of way.

(Via Basil's Blog)