Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stop fundies entering politics, Five Public Opinions says

Five Public Opinions is calling for an immediate moratorium on Christian fundamentalists entering politics.

Five Public Opinions' blog author, Arthur Vandelay, believes it is necessary because there has been no serious study on the potential effects on Australia of the Christian fundamentalists who are already here.

Reverend Vandelay says temporarily stopping fundies entering politics would give some breathing space to assess the situation.

He says while the policy may be offensive--not to mention fallacious--he stands by it.

"It's an issue that's affecting everyone and I think many of the political parties are frightened to even discuss the issue," he said.

He says in the meantime Australia should extend a welcoming hand to the many thousands of persecuted atheists, secular humanists, rational Christians and non-Christians alike, and other members of the reality-based community in the United States and western Sydney.