Sunday, March 18, 2007

The A-Team meets Lost

More YouTube joy.*

Fans of the latter show (like me) will enjoy "Tommy AND MATT'S Guide To LOST!!" (tommyiscooldotcom), The post may be dated, but it's still hilarious.

(*Sorry: I would have embedded the video, but for some reason posting videos from the YouTube site doesn't work with the "NEW! IMPROVED!" Blogger. I used to be able to get around this by copying the "Embed" HTML from the YouTube site and pasting it into the HTML editor in Blogger, and while it used to inform me that my HTML could not be accepted, all I had to do was check an "Ignore HTML errors" box and the problem would be resolved. Now, the "NEW! IMPROVED!" Blogger redirects me to a screen telling me what I already know--i.e. that my HTML can't be accepted yada yada yada--but no longer offering me an "Ignore HTML errors" option. How's Wordpress these days?)