Thursday, November 09, 2006

This is your brain on dispensationalism #6

The week in fundie . . .

*Purity Balls: Proof that the Christian Right hates women's sexuality as much as Sheik Hilaly does. (Via Pharyngula--and check out this fantastic post on the same topic at

*From the same Pharyngula post--news that the "Kids on Fire" summer camp, featured in the documentary Jesus Camp, has been closed down.

*Oddly enough, it appears that "abstinence education" has not lowered the incidence of sexually-transmitted disease in the US. (No!) (Via

*A Texas landscaping firm, Garden Guy, sent the following email to a prospective client:

"I need to tell you that we cannot meet with you because we choose not to work for homosexuals."
Said prospective client promptly forwarded the email to all his friends, who forwarded it onto theirs, and the rest is history.

*Bill Muehlenberg dons the tinfoil hat in a letter to the evangelical newsletter New Life:
I have long been aware of the number of people and organisations that really do not like me and what I am doing. But lately I have learned of even more hatred and animosity being directed at me, and all this makes me realise how much more I need your prayer covering. The hatred and vitriol is of course symptomatic of a deeper spiritual war, as Scripture tells us ...

I continue to be amazed and grateful that neither I nor my family members have been physically attacked as yet, and our home still stands. Undoubtedly there are angels surrounding our home, and all the hatred has thus far been limited to mail, email, phone calls etc.
Even yours truly gets a mention, courtesy of the Trophy cast in Bill's name and awarded periodically on this blog. More at (5/11/06 entry).