Monday, October 23, 2006

This is your brain on dispensationalism #4

The week in fundie . . .

*Bill Muehlenberg: meet the man behind the Trophy via an extensive profile at Unbelief. (Via Beware of the God)

*Bush contra Bush on Iraq: stupidity or malice? You decide. (Leftwrites)

*The Republican Party versus the Religious Right: lovers' tiff, trial separation or messy divorce? (Though they do say that make-up sex is the best kind.)

*Did you know that, thanks to legislation passed earlier this year, it is illegal in the US state of Virginia for private companies to extend health insurance benefits to unmarried couples? (Via Dispatches From the Culture Wars) Did you also know that, in 2004, Rhea County in Tennessee tried to enact a law banning homosexuals from living there? (Via the Washington Post)

*UPDATE: "Killing gay men is OK," says complete fuckwit. (Via Dispatches From the Culture Wars)