Monday, October 30, 2006

This guy has got to be taking the piss . . .

. . . so he goes straight into the "Humour" section of my sidebar.

im a regular joe like most good americans. i work hard and try to be a good honest person. i even vote like were supposed to because good people need tos tand up and be counted. fortunately i live in kansas and we got good people here in power. sam brownback and jim ryun are good examples of godly men who love jesus and honor america. anyway im not married so if any ladies out their are interested email me. i love music, mostly country. i hunt and fish and like to watch the races when i can. i never was in the military but regret that because i think all men should serve their country. i think the draft should come back because to many young men take their freedom from granite. [. . .]

i make no secret that i hate liberal atheist traitors. i think all people should take a loyalty test to see if they are loyal to america. i also think anyone not christian should be kept from opening their mouths. i dont know if i think they should be kicked out of the country, but just because this is a free country don't mean we have to listen to there bullshit. [. . .]

look at what liberal activist judges have done over the years. they let criminals go free because a cop didnt have time to give them a talking to about their rights. (right like when an arrest is going down a cop has the time to do this...and were talking about thugs here they dont deserve rights anyway) they signed off on the deaths of millions of children. they make porno a right. the make flag burning a right. the let fags marry. and they interfer with states when they can telling them they have to let black and whites marry even if it was a law on their books since the 1600s.
He's taking the mickey. He's gotta be. Right?

UPDATE: This guy, sad to say, is apparently not kidding. (Via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)