Sunday, September 24, 2006

When I hear the word "culture" I reach for my kool-aid

Not to be missed: this week's Four Corners looks at Australia's own batshit-crazy ultra-right-wing religious cult the Exclusive Brethren (which, as Mr Lefty recently pointed out, likes to try and influence the course of Australian democracy even as it forbids its members to participate in it).

"I had a knock at the door saying that we’ve excommunicated you and you’re not to sleep with your wife tonight," says one former senior Brethren member who fell out with the then leader more than 20 years ago and hasn’t seen his wife or children since. His sons wrote to tell him they don’t want to see him because he’s "not right and withdrawn from and out of fellowship". He treasures these painful letters from his boys; he loves to look at their handwriting.
Can't we just export these maniacs to the US like we do our creationists?