Thursday, September 14, 2006

Understatement of the day

". . . we don't decide what sorts of stories to do based on journalistic credibility. That's more an ABC judgement."
Peter Meakin, Seven news and current affairs director
In the same report the ABC, no doubt smirking from ear to ear, points out the obvious parallels between the Today Tonight crew's ill-fated West Papua venture and the Frontline episode "Playing the Ego Card." (That's the one where Mike goes to PNG to boost his journalistic credibility.)

Sarah suggests that the venture, however ill-considered, indicates that Today Tonight might be turning over a new leaf in appearing to pursue a more "serious" story. (You know, as opposed to soup diets and infomercials and the like.) And I have to admit that was my first reaction, too . . . until I discovered which story the TT crew were actually chasing in the old East Indies . . .




Naomi Robson reports from West Papua on the threat from our North . . .

UPDATE: Via Sarah:
Robson and a Today Tonight crew say they were trying to save a Papuan orphan from being eaten by his cannibal tribe when they were detained by Indonesian authorities this week.


Today Tonight was following up on a Nine Network report about an orphaned boy, Wah-Wah, who was going to be killed and eaten at some stage in the next 10 years.

When Nine refused to go in and rescue the boy, Today Tonight stepped in, leading to the crew being detained, the program claimed
This is the high-water-mark of aspirational television, peeps!