Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"The infidel can walk to school!"

From Assist News:

A young British schoolgirl has been barred from taking an official bus to her Church of England school in the United Kingdom because she has not been baptized. [. . .]

Sydnie Jai from Hatfield, Hertfordshire, was hoping to attend Townsend School in St Albans, traveling by bus as her two brothers had done for some years.

But, according to a report in London's Evening Standard newspaper, Hertfordshire County Council said she must use public transport because she had not been baptized.

A statement from the council said: "We provide free transport to all children attending their nearest maintained faith school if they have a place there in line with their parents' beliefs. [. . .] "To qualify for free transport to a Church of England school the child must be baptized or have a parent on the parish electoral roll," the local council said, adding: "We think it quite reasonable when offering transport to faith schools that parents show that the child is of that faith."
And rightly so. God-fearing parents pay good money to send their kids to religious schools so that their blessed little angels don't have to mingle with the evil pagans. (Or, in the case of faith schools such as that mentioned in the article, they don't pay--enjoying the "choice" to keep their darlings separate from pagan-spawn partially at the expense of pagan taxes.) And now you want said little angels to share transportation with unbaptised pagans? And risk being infected with pagan-ness and eternal damnation?

How about a compromise: we let the pagans ride on our faith-based schoolbuses, so long as they stay down the back. All unbaptised passengers must relinquish their seats for "saved" passengers.