Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Very Definition of a Dogma-Spewing Troll

"Idiot of the Week" clearly must go to a troll by the moniker of "Annie" who has been hanging out at a blog by the name of Pooflingers Anonymous, to the lasting delight of the blog owner and his regular contributors. I'll let "Annie's" initial post speak for itself; her subsequent posts are merely variations on a theme.

i get so angry reading blogs like this. atheist should not be considered american citizens. they have no moral compass and refuse to accept our creator!!!

you should be PROUD to be AMERICAN and not living in a country like europe or china not having the same freedoms like we do. we are the most advanced country and best country in the WORLD and its because we are the only TRUE CHRISTIAN NATION left in the world.

JESUS CHRIST IN HEAVEN please take this man to your heart and show him that his sinful life is NOT NEEDED and he can live in LOVE and show RESPECT to the nation that allows him to write garbage like this.

a REAL american is a CHRISTIAN american,if it does not suit you,perhaps you should try living in EUROPE and see how much freedom you get there.

God Bless America
I know what you're thinking: "Annie" is obviously some smart-arse caricaturing a Christian fundamentalist. Sadly, it doesn't seem so: I don't think a mere prankster would have "Annie's" stamina. It even gets to the stage where the blog owner opens a post especially for the purpose of "roasting" his new-found troll. Can you feel the love?

This is how you treat trolls, folks. Let them bloviate to their hearts' content, knowing that every utterance merely provides more sauce for the amusement of the regular visitors. Like when Annie proceeds to hold forth on the "rleigion of evolution (sic)," speaking in impassioned defence of Kent Hovind--the Young Earth Creationist (a.k.a. "Dr. Dino"*) who is so batshit crazy that even the regular YEC nutjobs won't touch him with a ten-foot pole--well, that just brings the house down. "Defend Hovind some more please. That's my favorite." begs one fellow contributor. And does she ever oblige!
if the world was 4 BILLION years old we would have MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE PEOPLE in the world.

if we came from apes, WHY ARE THE APES STILL HERE? you say we come from homo erectus if i remember,so, why are THEY dead? BUNK ON YOU!!!

the world is CREATED,so clearly there is a CREATOR! the universe is PERFECT for us to live in, if it was any different, if the moon was closer, if the radioation stronger we would be DEAD. its perfectly made for us to live here, CANT YOU SEE THIS? its like you moving into a apartment and then say "gosh,how did this room evolve here i wonder? wow,that sink almost look designed for me to use, NO,i cant believe that, it must have come out of ACCIDENT".

no atheist has EVER proven that GOD does not exist. FUNNY, its ALMOST like he DOES exist eh?
& c. & c. And no amount of reasoned argument, counter-evidence or helpful nudging in the direction of authoritative sources will move her. If you needed further convincing that explicit instruction in critical thinking needs to occupy a central place in any school curriculum (and is even more deserving of a place in the curriculum than history), look no further.

Last word goes to Annie:
(*Five Public Opinions accepts no responsibility for any loss of brain matter incurred as a consequence of opening this link.)