Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Sydney Catholic Mardi Gras

I was listening to a great interview with Amanda Lohrey, author of the Quarterly Essay "Voting for Jesus" (an abridged version of which is available here), when it was mentioned in passing that for the next Catholic World Youth Day, to be held in Sydney in 2008, Cardinal George Pell has asked Mel Gibson to recreate a live Stations of the Cross, complete with crucifixion.
According to the AP:

The crucifixion reenactment similar to scenes from Gibson's hugely successful film "The Passion of the Christ" would begin with the Last Supper staged at Sydney's landmark Opera House at sunset, and would end with the crucifixion of Christ at St. Mary's Cathedral [. . .]

"He might well be attracted. I think his devotion to Christ is very real," [Pell] said.
First the Church sells its soul to Hillsong, and now to Hollywood. I'm a weak atheist as you know, but the lapsed Catholic within me is fuming!

More at Sollicitudo Rei Socialis and NSW Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon's blog.

UPDATE: On other matters religious, a Powerpoint demolition of Intelligent Design and endeavours to have it included in the Kansas science curriculum is available here.