Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dogfight at the Water Fountain

According to saint, when heterosexuals marry they enter into a "multidimensional relationship which strengthens and supports harmonious relationships throughout society and supports the raising of children."

Bring any two gay people within ten feet of an altar or registry office, however, and what you have is "a unidimensional self centred relationship which undermines and reduces the value of every other marriage and promotes the commodification of children."

Gay civil unions "devalue" hetero marriages, you say? How so?

In the same way that the water in this fountain would somehow be tainted if we let Negroes drink from it?

Saint prompts us to

Notice the usual reaction (to the Howard government's decision to block the ACT civil union Bill):

"This is a homophobic decision ... it is arrogant and undemocratic," Mr Corbell told reporters.

Corbell's right, of course. And saint has just proved him right--by implying, in the comparison he makes between hetero marriage and gay marriage, that homosexual relationships themselves are "unidimensional" and "self-centred," and that a child is "commodified" if the people who raise him are in a same-sex relationship. (No evidence forthcoming, or even an explanation of why this is the case, but this is the anti-same-sex-marriage crowd we're dealing with.) Anyone who asserts the above, and at the same time professes "But I'm not anti-gay" is . . . well . . . perhaps we should defer to Hanlon's Razor on that one.

And get this:
Like I said, activists and advocates for gay marriage - particularly on the Labor side of politics - are their own worst enemy.

But then, hardly surprising given that they don't think about anyone but themselves

Right. Because the more noble and "selfless" move would be to desire continued discrimination against same-sex couples in marriage law. This guy should be writing editorials for The Australian!

UPDATE: THE GAY AGENDA OUTED!!!! (thanks to Mr Lefty)