Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Alice though the Looking Glass of socially-acceptable homophobia

Remember how I called this the worst argument against same-sex marriage ever?

Maggie Gallagher, who heads the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, says opponents of gay marriage will be treated like racists if it is declared a civil right.
It appears Dispatches from the Culture Wars agrees (and that the "if you legalise it we'll look like the bigots we are" meme is spreading):
Imagine this argument being used against interracial marriage - "If interracial marriage is legalized, individuals who believe in traditional marriage could be treated as bigots and their religous views subject to attack." And? This is a bad thing? If your religious beliefs include the belief that the races should not marry, your religious views should be attacked and you should be treated as a bigot.
Dispatches also links to an article debunking Stanley Kurtz, the "Paul Cameron" of the anti-same-sex-marriage crowd, who repeatedly claims to have "proven" that the "same-sex marriage" Pokemon destroys the "traditional marriage" Pokemon.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, in Australia.

UPDATE II: Sheer gold from Mr Lefty.