Thursday, May 18, 2006

On THAT "Insight" programme

I've blogged about the issue of same sex marriage before, so I don't have too much to add here. Tuesday's Insight (SBS) programme canvassed the topic of same-sex marriage, and featured among its guests the self-styled "gay conservative Catholic" John Heard. Heard reminds me so much of a character named joxy, with whom I used to joust on this very issue on The Tolkien Forum--both oppose same-sex marriage but support same-sex civil unions, both are gay conservative Catholics, both run the "only a minority of gays and lesbians support same-sex marriage so they shouldn't get it" line, and both also run the "I'm in touch with many gays via my website and they all agree with me so I can confidently claim to represent majority gay opinion on this one" line--that I wonder if they aren't the same individual. (Except Heard's Australian; joxy's from the UK, as far as know.)

Anyway, the consensus seems to be that Heard's behaviour on the show was absolutely atrocious, and to that I must add my wholehearted assent. So convinced was he of the absolute infallibility of his opinions on this issue that he would constantly interrupt and shout over other speakers, even to the point of receiving a reprimand by host Jenny Brockie. So convinced does he remain of the absolute infallibility of his opinions on this issue that, so he complains on his blog, the fact that very few others in the room shared them suggests to him that "the audience was, probably understandably, stacked." How pathetic is that?

Enough from me: there are great posts on the Insight show at Today's Apathetic Youth, Queer Penguin, Larvatus Prodeo and Anonymous Lefty.