Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Infomercial beer goggles

It is amazing what people will believe. I watch these infomercials late at night, I start to believe them. I don't know what the hour is, there is an hour, that I'm watching, and I start thinking "you know, I don't think I could cut through a shoe with any of my knives. That does look pretty good". There is nothing about my life that I could tell you, that is more embarrassing than the fact that I have actually spoken the words "I would like to order the Ginsu knife". I wish I was making all this up. I actually own the Ginsu knife.
-- Jerry Seinfeld
Never, never fall asleep in front of the TV!!

(OK. I didn't actually order the CDs. But for reasons I can barely fathom, I really, really wanted to.)