Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yes, Virginia: There Is a Homer Sexual

I want to extend my congratulations to Paul Ash, a school superintendent in Lexington, Massachusetts, for sticking to his guns regarding the frankly ridiculous notion that if gay characters are featured in a story presented to schoolchildren, parents should be notified.

From Reuters:

The crown prince rejects a bevy of beautiful princesses, rebuffing each suitor until falling in love with a prince. The two marry, sealing the union with a kiss, and live happily ever after.

That fairy tale about gay marriage has sparked a civil rights debate in Massachusetts, the only U.S. state where gays and lesbians can legally wed, after a teacher read the story to a classroom of seven year olds without warning parents first.

A parents' rights group said on Monday it may sue the public school in the affluent suburb of Lexington, about 12 miles west of Boston, where a teacher used the book "King & King" in a lesson about different types of weddings.

Bring it on, I say. The whining bigot parents claim that the incident consitutes a breach of a 1996 Massachusetts law requiring parents to be notified if their precious little angels are going to be exposed to (gasp!) sex education--a claim shrugged off by Ash:
"This district is committed to teaching children about the world they live in. Seven-year-olds see gay people. They see them in the schools. They see them with their kids," he said.
Reality. Don't fundies just hate it? And I almost needn't mention the blatant double-standard inherent in the argument that the mere portrayal of same-sex couples constitutes "sex education," whereas portraying heterosexuals couples does not. Whinging bigot parent advocate Brian Camenker explains:
"The law talks about human sexuality issues," he explains. "[School officials are] saying 'Well, homosexuality isn't a human sexuality issue, it's a human rights issue.' So they're saying it doesn't apply here, 'and so we're not going to notify you.'

"It's monstrous that they can just blatantly redefine the English language like that," he says.
Homosexuality is no more or less a "human sexuality issue" than is heterosexuality--anybody who argues otherwise is "blatantly redefining the English language"--so by Brian's rationale, the notification requirement should equally apply to classroom materials which deal with or include references to heterosexuality. Don't parents deserve to be warned in advance if their children are going to be exposed to the blatant portrayals of heterosexuality and the heterosexual lifestyle in fairytales such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Beauty and the Beast?

Last year, the whinging bigot parent of a child at the same school was arrested for trespassing after he demanded from school authorities an undertaking that if there was to be an discussion of homosexuality in his son's kindergarten class, he would be informed in advance in order to opt his child out of the discussion.
Neil Tassel, a lawyer with Denner O'Malley, said Parker does not object to having his son attend school with children of same-sex couples.

''What he's concerned about is that the belief system that that's a normal family structure and an equally good one is going to be proposed by an adult. And if it is, he wants to know about it first," Tassel said.
Fair enough. But while we're on the subject of parent's rights, why stop there? Don't white supremacist parents, for instance, deserve notification in advance if their children are to be exposed to representations of interracial couples in the classroom? Or discussions of the Holocaust, perhaps? Why should the school district pander to one form of bigotry, and not others?

In the opinion of one wingnut:
This story is another example of how parents' wishes are being ignored, in favor of the liberal/homosexual agenda. Even six year-olds are being indoctrinated into sodomy!

The homosexual agenda is undoubtedly being pushed in Massachusetts. Teachers, principals, Mass. Department of Education officials, and even police departments are participating in this injustice. The deviant practice of homosexuality is being forced upon children attending public schools in that state. Unfortunately, all too many parents are simply keeping their mouths shut, while their children are convinced to embrace sodomy.

We can look upon Massachusetts as a 'test market' for the growing movement amongst liberals to legitimize homosexuality. As long as parents are intimidated into submission or simply don't care--the deviants and their handmaidens (public school officials) will attempt to not only warp young minds, but recruit new deviants. The Massachusetts school system is committing child abuse.

Could you ever imagine a day when children would be taught that cross-dressing, sodomy, and perversion were completely acceptable activities?

Pray for the children.