Friday, February 10, 2006

Letter to the Editor from "Gerard" of Sydney . . .

Gerard Henderson on Radio National this morning (Re: the RU486 debate):

Well, you take Senator Kerry Nettle, for example, who went around the Parliament with a t-shirt on Wednesday saying: "Mr Abbott: Get Your Rosaries (as in the Catholic prayer) Off My Ovaries." Now, would Senator Nettle do that with a reference to the Koran, on issues where she is in disagreement with the teachings of Islam on homosexuality, for example? Of course she wouldn't! I mean, Catholics are for Senator Nettle a soft target--she wouldn't take on Muslims like that.
Ummm . . . last time I checked, the Health Minister isn't a Muslim (he is, however, a hardline Catholic who wears his religious opinions on his sleeve--then plaintively whines "Help! Help! I'm being persecuted!" when he is called out for it), nor do Islamic teachings on homosexuality have any influence whatsoever on government policy in Australia. (And the Senate was debating RU486 on Wednesday, not homosexuality.)