Saturday, January 21, 2006

Closer to God

From the theological news site Ekklesia:

Goth priest stirs up staid Cambridge
With fresh and experimental forms of church life top of the agenda for many of the traditional denominations facing declining attendances, the idea of a ‘Goth vicar’ is perhaps less of a shock to some Christians than to religious observers – which may be why the Rev Marcus Ramshaw is having to get used to a minor frenzy of media attention.

Mr Ramshaw, a priest in the Church of England who serves his title at St Edward King and Martyr Church in Cambridge, has devised a worship service especially for members of the local ‘goth’ community and others on the local dance and club scene.

[. . .]

[T]he enterprising clergyman, whose inclinations span both Anglicanism and gothdom, has devised a liturgy which incorporates the music of bands like the Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division, as well as candles and other goth-friendly symbolism.

Hmm . . .

(And yes: the opportunity to title it "Closer to God" is the only reason I posted this story.)